What are the benefits of becoming a US Citizen?

Cuny Citizenship NOW is a non-profit organization that helps immigrants to manage their immigration status. Here is one of their videos explaining the benefits of becoming a US citizen, regardless of other citizenship(s) that one may have. Enjoy!



Medicaid Benefits for greencard holders

In my everyday practice, I have a question that is constantly asked: is an immigrant entitled to receive benefits from the US government ?

The conditions have been restricted over the time. Here is a very brief answer. The individual has to be a lawful permanent resident to be eligible to medicaid. He must be a qualified non-citizen, meaning he has to reside on the US territory for at least 5 years; or qualified non-citizen entered the US before August 1996.

The exceptions are the asylums, refugees and Cuban and Haitian citizens.

If you are covered by medicaid , it does not affect your chances to become a US citizen.



For more informations: https://www.medicaid.gov/medicaid-chip-program-information/by-topics/outreach-and-enrollment/downloads/overview-of-eligibility-for-non-citizens-in-medicaid-and-chip.pdf